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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions In Penrith

Eyes are the most attractive facial feature. Women often prefer adding voluminous eyelash extensions to give themselves a bolder look or gain people’s attention. These are little fringes available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. It is best to book a technician from a leading eyelash extension salon in Penrith to apply the same. Doing it yourself can be risky. If you are unaware of the right technique, it is best to consult or hire an expert near you.

Women love to wear makeup to be more confident and assertive in social gatherings. They often visit beauty salons to maintain their look and add more glamour. Are you preparing for a special event? Here is the tip. After completing all the makeup and manicure for an event or gathering, do not miss out on getting eyelash extensions. These also play a vital role in the list of beauty treatments. We recommend visiting the salon early as the eyelash extension process might take a minimum of two hours. Get a professional or chic look with eyelash extensions in Penrith at GlamGloire.

We have professionally trained eyelash extension experts in Penrith who affix semi-permanent lashes on the original ones to extend the eyelash length. You no longer require mascara or the eyelash curler to enhance the look. Also, there is no additional stress about the smudged makeup. These voluminous eyelash extensions will cover it all and transform your appearance.

Affordable Eyelash Extension Salon in Penrith

Eyelash Extensions are trendy. Most women prefer applying for eyelash extensions rather than fake eyelashes for a more appealing and glamorous look. At GlamGloire, we can further customize the extension and tailor its length, color, or curl pattern as per the client’s requirement. For the eyelash extension process, our technicians use tweezers and glue to separate and isolate the original natural eyelash. Later, the technicians place the voluminous eyelash extensions over the natural eyelash one at a time. Hiring an expert to perform this beauty treatment is best to avoid any irritation or damage to the eye. Doing it yourself can be risky as it involves the use of glue and tweezers or similar tools near the eye area.

If you need any help with eyelash lifting services, we also cover them at GlamGloire. GlamGloire has become one of the best beauty salons in Penrith covering a wide range of services in one place. Visit our salon to know more about other services and book appointments in advance with our beauticians in Penrith.

The best part of adding eyelash extensions to your natural eye look is they last for a period of six weeks to two months. We provide eyelash extension service for all material types, such as Mink, Synthetic, and Silk Fibers. Choose the length for your eyelash extension and book an appointment with our experts in Penrith. GlamGloire is one of the trusted and popular eyelash extension salons in Penrith that has served many clients over the years. We also provide eyelash lifting services at affordable quotes. Call us now!

Why Book GlamGloire for Eyelash Extensions in Penrith

The eyelash extensions are applied one at a time to avoid irritation or damage. We recommend booking with our experts to enhance your natural eye look. Our experts know the right technique to apply for eyelash extensions. All you require is to lie comfortably on the chair with closed eyes during the application process. If you do not want to maintain or add any additional volume of extension to the eyelashes, book for eyelash lifting in Penrith with our professionals

For extensions, avoid any type of irritation or infection near the eye area, book our top-notch eyelash extension salon in Penrith. Specializing in varied makeup styles, including bridal, event, celebrity, and editorial makeup, we aim to deliver the best service at a reasonable cost. Most women use eyelash extensions to look more glamorous or transform the makeup look. Book our eyelash extension services in Penrith with a call. Also, get yourself a bolder look with our professionals at your service for eyelash lifting in Penrith. Our team will perform the whole procedure with utmost precision at GlamGloire. For quotes, feel free to contact our team anytime and book services online!

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